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Johann Sebastian Sage, "John" to his friends, is a modern-day young man whose life is steeped in SteamPunk CosPlaying, ne CosLiving. A computer scientist and electrical engineer during the day, his nights and weekends are spent living in a fantasy world created by he and his friends, all members of The Guild of Extraordinary Gentlemon. (a singular/plural feminism-inspired portmanteau of gentle-persons)

Since John can remember, he has had a realistic dream about a young girl, Emeralde , now a young woman, who has grown as he has grown, and who lives in a SteamPunk-like dreamworld. Although originally seen as a sister-like relationship, which then turned into a friend relationship, as they aged, they both began experiencing romantic feelings for each other.

When a recent dream turns into a nightmare, his obsession begins with building a SteamPunk-inspired Time Travel-like device to travel back into the Victorian Age to save Emeralde from the clutches of the evil Scarlet Queen and her minions.

Surprisingly, the device works all-too-well, however, he is not transported into the past, but into a Post-Apocalyptic SteamPunk Dystopian alternate dimension, to a land known as Calypsos, where the laws of physics resemble our own. There he must first find Emeralde and save her, and then determine how to return to his own world, if he, and Emeralde, live long enough to do so -- and if it is even possible to do so, with, or without, his new-found love.

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