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Located in Northern California, Laughing Raven Productions produces primarily short films.

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4419 Angus Ct


Death, Blood and Rock & Roll

A group of monster misfits form a prog rock band to fight worldwide evil.

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Titan Love Story

While a 30 year war between Earth and Titan continues to decimate both worlds, one man finds love and understanding in the deadliest place imaginable.

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Guns, dirt and corruption in the old west.

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A quick update

Just wanted to,let everyone know that the footage from the shoot looks great, and the rough cut is coming along slowly, but nicely. Thanks again to all of you for your continued support and help. More updates to come!

Some BTS

Some of the BTS photos from last months shoot. Thanks to Bree Roberts for her amazing camerawork. You can see the rest in the Photo Gallery at the Drifters website.

My most deepest thanks!

I would like to extend my deepest and heartfelt thanks to everyone who assisted in today's shoot. We knocked it out exactly on schedule and got nearly all the footage that we had planned to shoot (we shaved a couple of shots with the horse because he had reached his limit, but nothing critical to today's shoot) It couldn't have been a more beautiful and productive day and I have all of you to thank for it.

Sundays Shoot

Here is the near final crew and cast call for Sundays shoot. If you aren't on the list and haven't been contacted directly, we're very sorry but you'll have to wait until we shoot the rest to join in the fun. We are deliberately keeping the crew to a bare minimum as we are shooting with a large animal and guns. Please direct questions to either Scott or Renee. Thanks a million!

Horsey Stuff

Some production stills of the saddle and bit we plan to use for the shoot next month.

Scene one shoot

This is a tentative date for the first scene shoot. On location. Minimal crew.
I'm putting it here as a means to make me plan for it. :)

Location scouting

Paul H. and I did a little location scouting on our way to LA last week. We stopped by Silver City which is a pretty good sized, well maintained ghost town just northeast of Bakersfield. In short, it was pretty close to perfect. I plan to upload some pics soon, but suffice to say that if we decide to use an exterior, this is likely where we will do it.

Script Registered

WGA registered tonight. Now I have to shoot it. hehe! I'll be posting the Rev2 script very soon.

Possible locations

I'm throwing this up as a means to keep track of potential locations.
Opening scene.

First Script Draft Done

Just finished the first script draft and I think it plays pretty good. I have only a couple of people (you know who you are, I hope) that will get to see it, but as soon as I have a finished copy I'll be posting it here.

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